Friday, July 31, 2009

the new "it" for all you fandangos...HANDBAGO!

My new obsession is the new handbag website HANDBAGO. Working in the industry and on the launch of my own line I really try to be in the know. The fastest trends go in and out of the accessories arena and at times it's hard to keep up on what everyone is doing. With each season there's the chance to vamp up your waning wardrobe with the purchase of a new piece of Arm Candy. For the Designer it's a chance to win over a new loyal customer, so they need to keep it fresh and refrain from recycling another's style.

If only NPR could flash visuals of handbags through their RDS feed on my GPS then commuting could be a lil fashion and not all facts. I definitely had a better balance on my Brooklyn - Manhattan commute when living in the City. Free Metro News on the way in, WWD on the way out. Lucky for me 45% of my job is to be ahead of the curve, which allows for browsing the handbag blogs and reading fashion magazines all day. A girl couldn't ask for more!

But if you haven't the time or boss that is cool with hours of handbag blog hopping - check out HANDBAGO. A one stop shop for the forward fashionista.

Become a Bagista and begin your handbag odyssey now!


  1. Cool! Everyone should go check this out!

  2. Beautiful Blog! you are an amazing writer! Thanks for the shout out! I hope everyone will check Handbago out!!!