Friday, July 31, 2009

the new "it" for all you fandangos...HANDBAGO!

My new obsession is the new handbag website HANDBAGO. Working in the industry and on the launch of my own line I really try to be in the know. The fastest trends go in and out of the accessories arena and at times it's hard to keep up on what everyone is doing. With each season there's the chance to vamp up your waning wardrobe with the purchase of a new piece of Arm Candy. For the Designer it's a chance to win over a new loyal customer, so they need to keep it fresh and refrain from recycling another's style.

If only NPR could flash visuals of handbags through their RDS feed on my GPS then commuting could be a lil fashion and not all facts. I definitely had a better balance on my Brooklyn - Manhattan commute when living in the City. Free Metro News on the way in, WWD on the way out. Lucky for me 45% of my job is to be ahead of the curve, which allows for browsing the handbag blogs and reading fashion magazines all day. A girl couldn't ask for more!

But if you haven't the time or boss that is cool with hours of handbag blog hopping - check out HANDBAGO. A one stop shop for the forward fashionista.

Become a Bagista and begin your handbag odyssey now!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Peacock Market Sling: Stylish Organic Cotton Baby Sling

from Serena & Lily
Motherhood may be causing you to lose sleep, but you don’t have to jettison your sense of individuality—or style—as well. Serena & Lily flax linen and organic cotton Market slings are, in a word, gorgeous, featuring delicate hand embroidery, bold block prints, and dreamy color palettes, along with a seamless, buckle- and strap-free construction that makes storing them a cinch. (Hey, you’re sleep deprived, remember?) Tuck your precious cargo into the folds of one of these beauties, and with any luck, no one will even notice those bags under your eyes.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Trending On Your Conscious

Designer and Celebs have always giving up their name for a good cause, but most recently the fashion world seems to be working hard at cleaning their conscience of all the waif wars, fashion faux pas policedom and red carpet roughhousing by offering to save a rain forest, feed a child or build a new school with any handbag, shoe or necklace purchase you make. Let's hope this trend stays around long enough to really make a difference out there.

This months new IT bag to be seen with is the FEED 2 Kenya Bag by Laura Bush. Some may miss a meal for this purchase but you'd be helping to feed 2 Kenyan children for 1 year and without yelling it from the highest building you'll be letting everyone know you have a good soul.

Handcrafted in Kenya by a coop of women and deaf Kenyans, each FEED 2 Kenya bag includes a $100 donation to the UN World Food Program's School Feeding operations in Kenya. Therefore, not only does this purchase support women and deaf Kenyan artisans, but the donation provides nutritious school meals to two Kenyan children for one year.

Each bag is hand-beaded using traditional techniques and is made with natural burlap and the iconic Kenyan Masai tribal fabric; leather handles and shoulder strap make this the most luxurious FEED bag yet! The WFP school feeding program in Kenya is a needed support for a nation that is now dealing with a food crisis leaving 10 million Kenyans at risk of hunger. 

Sold exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman for $195 

Monday, July 20, 2009

utilitariaN chameleoN

D'Abo Chameleon Snakeskin Clutch

L:4.5in | H:3.25in | W:2in | Strap drop:25.5in
Well-traveled, culturally and artistically inclined, Fiona Kotur Marin often finds inspiration from exotic lands with rich histories of textile and ornament. She first introduced a limited edition of brocade clutches under her maiden name, KOTUR, in 2004, inspired by the remarkable discovery of a trove of vintage brocades that was originally woven for European Couture houses in 1960s and 1970s.

No Lip Service Here

Red Lips Clutch by Lulu Guiness
Clutch measures 24cm x 13cm x 3cm.

This iconic uber kitsch clutch is just the right size for evening essentials and is instantly recognisable. Keep your outfit simple and let the lips do the talking.